My name is Ash from New Orleans

<3 NOLA <3

Here are some things I like!

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Dario Campanile


Dario Campanile

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Illustrations by carlo stanga

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~~~BIG (_(_) GIVEAWAYYY~~~

I’m almost at 9000 followers (WOW cannot believe it…) so I am preemptively celebrating by doing this giveaway contest thing :o) 

YOU (((yes you!))) COULD WIN the following from my shop

- 5 x 2.25 inch buttons (1 confetti, 1 flower, 1 hand drawn, 1 sofa soft, 1 bricollage) 
- 3 brooches (1 caterpillar, 1 flower, 1 pineapple)
- 2 cat flower barrettes 
- 2 necklaces (1 mushroom, 1 hand painted wooden cross)
- 1 pair of mousey earrings
- 3 mini sticker packs (1 flowers, 1 doggie desserts, 1 fun pack)
- 11 ‘loose’ stickers (as seen in first photo) 
+ extrassss (eggplant eraser, pretzel eraser i made, egg in pan thing, strawberry bead, pink paint poop, home made round crayon, paper scraps… 

♥♥♥♥ lots ‘o stuff ♥♥♥♥

To enter please reblog post in full and have your askbox open so I can contact you if you win!!! (otherwise I will have to randomly pick another winner…) 


The lucky one will be announced/contacted on the last day of August (31st)! 

In the meantime ~~~ I have a new coupon code active right now for 20% off just use DREAMZINE until August 10th… On that day my shop will be closed while I attend Zine Dream in Toronto. After that AUGUSTSPECIAL coupon code will be activated for 10% off till this contest is over. :o) 

♥ Thanks for reading!!! Thanks for following!!! ♥   

edited bold bits new coupon code for the rest of this month!!! (also this contest is ongoing till the end of August too) 

One week left whoaaaa!!!!! ~~~~

yoooo only two days left for this contest and the coupon O_O!


I will be choosing a winner tomorrow and contacting then ~~~ i won’t announce the winner officially until i get a response and mailing address. If you’re contacted and don’t respond within 24 hours i am choosing a diff winner because.. i’ve had contests in the past where the winner never responded! it stresses me out </3

OK? so keep your ask boxes open ♥♥

(ps it’s also the last day u can use ‘AUGUSTSPECIAL’ for 10% off anything in my shop)

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find more creatures and stuff on my blog.


find more creatures and stuff on my blog.

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